This Incredible Snake Talks and Sends An Old Mysterious Man

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Residents of Tembung Village, Oercut Sei Tuan District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, are requsted not to hunt a giant snake that swallowed and crushed its prey, M Zakaria (13), a student of junior high school, SMP PGRI Tembung, to death.

"The snake suspected of roaming in Tembung River does not have to be hunted anymore," said one of the residents of Tembung, Mohd Safii Nasution (42), last weekend.

He admitted that he got the recommendation that can be taken as a prohibition from one of his friends named Deden (25) who lives in Tembung Village. Deden revealed that an old mysterious man ever approached him to tell a message that Tembung residents stop hunting the snake that killed Zakaria.

According to Deden, the man gave him the message after he finished doing a midday prayer at a mosque where the man also did a prayer.

Deden was shocked knowing that the man could read his personal background and past life. Deden said that the man stressed it to him the snake would be furious and there would be a disaster if the residents ruled out the message.

The disaster could be flash flood or arid Tembung river that can cause a great loss to the residents.

"The old man admitted that he delivered the message based on the order of the giant snake considered as mystical," said Deden.kompas
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