Deadliest Animal Poisons

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Jakarta, There are many poisonous animals on earth. Among them there are even that can be very deadly in a short time. What are the most deadly poisonous animals?

Animals who fall into the category of toxic, hazardous chemicals usually have a so-called toxins. These toxins can be stored in glands or skin of animals.

In general, poisonous animals in the world has a very bright color. Usually bright yellow, blue, red or orange.

When predators are not afraid of color-a striking body color, then it could kill him. This is because the level of toxins in animals is so concentrated, even in small amounts can be lethal even with a direct effect on the heart and lungs.

As quoted from Buzzle and Scienceray, Wednesday (28/04/2010), the following 10 most deadly poisonous animals, namely:

1. Box jellyfish (Box jellyfish)
Box jellyfish is deadly jellyfish found in Australian waters and Asia. Toxins in this jellyfish is deadly to directly attack the heart, skin cells and human nervous system and other animals.

This animal is very strong poisons and cause tremendous pain. Usually people will be stung by the tentacles into shock and drown or be directly suffered a heart attack and died.

2. Snake King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah)
One bite of this snake can easily kill humans. King Cobra snake poison even able to kill an adult Asian elephant in just three hours, if bitten in vulnerable areas such as the proboscis.

King Cobra can not so toxic than other snakes, but snakes are able to inject five times more toxic than other snakes, so it can shut down five times faster than other re.

3. Marble Cone snails
This snail is found in the waters of the salt water. One drop of Marble Cone snail venom sufficient to kill about 20 people. When touched by this slugs will cause severe pain, numbness, tingling and swelling in areas untouched. It also can cause breathing failure, paralysis of muscles and vision problems. And yet there could be for anti-Marble Cone snail venom is.

4. Blue Circle Octopus (Octopus Blue-Ringed)
This octopus is only the size of a ping-pong ball, but this marine animal toxins capable of killing about 26 people. At the beginning of the bite, there is no symptoms such as pain, but within 10 minutes, the symptoms began to look like nausea and vomiting.

There are also some cases that result in paralysis and death. And until now there has been no antidote for the poison of this octopus.

5. Death Stalker Scorpions (Death Stalker Scorpion)
Most scorpions are relatively harmless and only cause pain, numbness or swelling.

Death Stalker But the scorpion is very dangerous, because it is a scorpion venom can cause unbearable pain, then fever, followed by coma, seizures, paralysis, and death.

This type of scorpion will usually kill individuals who have immune system that are not good or weak of heart. Death Stalker Scorpions are found mostly in North Africa and the Middle East.

6. Stone Fish (Stonefish)
These fish are found mostly in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and is the most toxic species of fish.

This fish store toxins in the body surface which is totally manarik and resembles stone. Stone fish venom is known to cause severe pain, and even called a 'drowning pain known to man'.

Stone fish stings can cause a person suffering from shock, paralysis and even death of the network. If you do not get immediate medical treatment can cause amputations and death in humans.

7. Brazilian Wandering Spiders (Brazilian Wandering Spider)
Brazilian Wandering spider, known as a banana or Phoneutria profit, is one of life's most poisonous creatures. This spider's venom can be very deadly even in very small quantities. 0.006 mg toxin Brazilian Wandering spiders can kill a rat.

Brazilian Wandering spider is the most poisonous spiders among other spiders. Sting the spider not only cause tremendous pain, but also can cause Priapism (an erection that lasted uncomfortable for hours and even cause impotence) in men.

These spiders live nomadic (wandering) and often hid in the daytime high in highly populated areas such as houses, piles of clothes, shoes and cars, so it can be very disturbing.

8. Inland Taipan Snake
Inland Taipan snake is the most poisonous snake in a snake ketegori. One bite of this snake can kill up to 100 adult humans. Even the Inland Taipan snake venom 400 times more toxic than ordinary cobra.

Snake venom is a neuro-toxic so that it can kill humans in less than 45 minutes.

9. Poison Dart Frogs (Poison Dart Frog)
These amphibians are found in rainforests in South America or Central America and also one of the most poisonous animal on earth.

Sized 2-inch frog was able menyimpam poison behind his skin color is beautiful and flashy.

Concentrated poison, in small quantities have been capable of killing large numbers of humans and animals, approximately 2 micrograms (number of ink used for writing).

This is called poison frog poison dart frogs, poison frogs are often taken and used on arrows for hunting. And it stung the frog any creature approaching, touching or eating it.

10. Pillows fish (puffer fish)
A beautiful aquarium fish, but can also be fatal menyababkan things. Skin and certain organs of the fish is very baracun pillow for men, and usually will mamatikan for inexperienced fishermen catching and eating this fish.

These fish can be deadly poison lips, tongue and even cause muscle paralysis. Most victims die within 24 hours. From 1996 to 2006, averaging about 20-44 incidents of poisoning per year, and six of them fatal. Because these toxins in fish, only licensed chefs are allowed to make this fish as food.Detik