Wow! Giant Gecko sold out 179 Billion Rupiahs

Posted: Saturday, May 8, 2010 by minangka in Labels:

NUNUKAN, - Incredible!
A giant gecko found weighing 64 kilograms in Nunukan-Malaysia border in Kalakbakan ultimately sold 64 million Malaysian ringgit or equivalent to Rp 179.2 billion (exchange rate of Rp 2800).

"Gecko it is sold at RM 1 million per kilogram," Arbin said, that could perpetuate the image of gecko when contacted on his cell phone in Malaysia.

Since Daily Tribun Kaltim (Kompas Gramedia Group) announces the discovery that the gecko, the phone in the office or correspondent in turn contacted the businessman who claimed to want to buy these geckos.

Because of this, journalists in Nunukan Tribun Kaltim contact Arbin located in Tawau, Malaysia, to look back Kalakbakan gecko in it. Having checked again it was bought by an Indonesian.

"Gecko purchased his Indonesian people and then taken out of the country, if not wrong to China," said Arbin. Although already sold out, there are still many buyers chasing geckos callers are to be purchased again with a more expensive price.

Not much information was obtained Arbin about the transaction because the owner of the gecko also has gone to Kuala Lumpur. "I've tried looking for information on who buys, but no one knows. The people there just said there were people from Indonesia who buy," he said. (Noe)
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